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Level 4

A LEVEL 4,LEVEL 5 OR O5 COMMAND must think you can become this!!!!
test /requirements are wIP
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Level 3

give a small bit of info on 3 FMCs of your choice:
What name what you think to be the 3 most inportant qualitys for a level 3?
How should you act with new people?
Someone callsyour article bad,what do you do? a: report them to staff, B: take it as critisism, c: cry.
Decode this peice:
Fmc-00█  Is a Cup covered in ████ It attaches itselft to someones hand, even i they are wearing  ██████.
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Level 2

"Properly redact this data"
SCP-18467-J is a humanoid/lion type species that was founded in Utah, USA. Dr. Eisenhower is currently doing research at Site - 72. The subject was contained in March, 17 2007.
Use this --> █████
Awnser questions regarding this:
9:00: Doctor Skinner and Agent ████████ begin  patrol at FMC-003's cell.
9.21: FMC:003 breaches containment,reason is believed to be through the ventalation shaft. agent ████████ sets of a site wide alarm.
9.22 Fmc-003 appears near office block C, a photo of a worker is grabbed by FMC-003 and his image appears on it.
Worker in question was later found dead,along with Doctor skinner,who has the same wounds as the worker, CCTV confirms FMC-003 did this.
9.24:  D-121 is placed in the chamber, FMC-003 recall protocoll begins.
9.30: FMC-003 is sighted at FMC-010's cell.
9.50: FMC-003 enters its containment chamber and [DATA EXPUNGED]'s D-121.
9.51: FMC-003's cell close's
What office block did FMC-003 appear at?
What rank was the person with Dr skinner?
What D-class subject was put in the recall protocall?
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Level 1

-"SCP Object Classes"
Explain these classes in a short sentence.
Give infomation on FMC-001,2 and 10(no copy and pasting!)
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Level 0

awnser all these questions:
How old do you have to be to go on chat?:
Do you stright away upload your FMC? yes or no. :
Fill in the blanks:
Class _'s are allowed to test with dangerous FMC's
Fmc-010 is what class?
Level 5  is top dog,next to the o_ council
Use this fourm or you will be declined
Copy paste it all and write your awnsers next to the question.
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